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Diflucan Buy Online

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Helium Diflucan Buy Online Abundant Presence in SamarskHe and other Uranium Minerals, According to F. Bordas, helium is very abundant, and seems to be com- bined with the uranium in samarskite, noegeite, euxenite, yttrotantalite, Diflucan Buy Online and anneroedile ; less helium is found in woehlerite, pyrochlore, polycrase, troegerite, xenotime, gummite, thorite-orangite, and niobite-columbite. The minerals in which the salts of uranium are sharply defined or crystal- lized do not yield helium, e, g,, torbemite, autunite, carnotite. Helium has been detected by its line a = 5878 in a sample of native bismuth from Saxony, and of bismuth with smaltine from Cornwall. Chem. News, June Diflucan Buy Online 5, 1908, 275 ; from Compt. rend. 146 (1908), No. 17. SULPHUR. Sulphur Igniting Point in Air, In a paper on the igniting point of sulphur (Ch. News., xcv, 169), Mr. Rutherford Hill had indicated 248 C. as the lowest point observed by him at which sulphur will ignite spontan- eously in air, but that in subsequent experiments ignition occurred at 25 s*' C. Diflucan Buy Online R. H. McCrea and Diflucan Buy Online A. Wilson have made experiments, which showed that at temperatures below 255 C. sulphur refused to ignite, but that at temperatures above 255** C. ignition easily took place. In this determination much depends on the conditions under which the experi- ment is made. The authors found the temperature of ignition in air, the bulb of the thermometer being placed in the bath on a level with the bend of the U-tube (containing the sulphur), to be 261 C. correction having been made for the exposed part of the stem. Chem. News., July 19, 1907, 25. Sulphur Detection in the Free State. E. Berger recommends a method for the detection of free sulphur, which is based on its decompo- sition by means of fuming nitric acid and potassium bromide. The bromine liberated combines with the sulphur, and the sulphur bromide thus formed is immediately decomposed by the excess of acid present. The reaction takes place in the cold. The determination is thus per- formed. A quantity of the material containing o.i to 0.2 Gm. of sulphur is placed in a small capsule ; 10 Cc. of fuming nitric acid is added, and then 0.5 to i.o Gm. of potassium bromide. After a few minutes the whole is evaporated to dryness on a water-bath ; the residue is taken up with a few Cc. of hydrochloric acid, two or three times, evaporating to dryness each time. Finally, the residue is dissolved in water, and the sulphuric acid thus obtained is determined. Pharm. Journ., May 2, 1908, 572; from Compt. rend., through Rev. Pharm., March, 1908, 78. Digitized by Google 264 REPORT ON THE PROGRESS OF PHARMACY. Pure Hydrogen Sulphide Preparation, R. L. Wilson observes that when obtained by the ordinary method of preparation, from ferrous sul- phide and hydrochloric acid, hydrogen sulphide frequently contains hydrogen arsenide and phosphide. If, on the other hand, a drying tower be filled with granulated soda-lime or with a mixture of calcium hydroxide and moistened shot, and the impure H^S gas is conducted into this, the compound Ca(SH)(OH) is formed with development of heat and of a yellow color, which can thus be progressively observed until the conversion is complete, while the impurities mentioned are carried off with the com- bustible gas (hydrogen) issuing from the tower. If now carbon dioxide is admitted into the tower, pure HjS is generated and continues until the calcium sulphide Diflucan Buy Online is exhausted, or the flow of carbon dioxide is cut off. The generation of H^S is thus perfectly under control. The possible in- convenience caused by the presence of carbon dioxide may be obviated by employing two towers, similarly charged, so that any CO2 Diflucan Buy Online passing through the first tower will be intercepted in the second through which it must pass before it is used. As soon as the first tower is exhausted (which is indicated by the change in color), the second tower takes the place of the first, and a freshly charged tower that of the second. Pharro. Ztg., lii (1907), No. 55, 574; from Chem. Centralbl., 1907, i, No. 15. Hydrogen Sulphide, Convenient preparation from ** Aluminum Sul- phidey' which see. Gas Genet ator Construction for Analytical Work, Eugene MUller recommends for analytical work the gas generator illustrated by Fig. 69. It consists of a U-tube of suitable dimensions, each limb provided with a hollow ground-glass stopper having a lateral hole coinciding with a similar hole in the limbs of the U-tube, one of the holes of the latter opening into a delivery tube for the generated gas. The action of the apparatus is self- evident and requires little explanation. The stopper a being open the acid enters the limb containing the Diflucan Buy Online material from which the gas is to be liberated ; when closed the liquid is forced back into the limb serving as a reservoir, the stopper b being Diflucan Buy Online open. If it is desirable to operate with the gas under pressure the stopper b is closed during the generation. Pharm. Ztg., liii (1908), No. 7, 67 ; from Chem. Ztg., 1907, loi. Simple Gas Generator A Device for Analytical Operations. Jaraes M. C. Sanders describes the simple little gas generator shown by Fig. 70, which serves a very useful purpose in analytical operations and conve- niently replaces the so-called "constant supply" apparatus commonly in use. It consists of a glass tube open at one end and having a fine, almost capillary, tube fused into the other end, as shown. For the preparation of hydrogen sulphide, for example, it suffices to drop one or two small fragments of ferrous sulphide into Diflucan Buy Online the annular space (^), then to add a few drops of dilute sulphuric acid and to close the mouth {B) of the tube Digitized by Google SULPHURIC ACID. 265 with the forefinger. The gas evolved is then delivered from the orifice (r) into the liquid to be treated by introducing the apparatus into the test-
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